The exchange of cars can be made in forty-three moves, as follows: 6-G, 2-B, 1-E, 3-H, 4-I, 3-L, 6-K, 4-G, 1-I, 2-J, 5-H, 4-A, 7-F, 8-E, 4-D, 8-C, 7-A, 8-G, 5-C, 2-B, 1-E, 8-I, 1-G, 2-J, 7-H, 1-A, 7-G, 2-B, 6-E, 3-H, 8-L, 3-I, 7-K, 3-G, 6-I, 2-J, 5-H, 3-C, 5-G, 2-B, 6-E, 5-I, 6-J. Of course, "6-G" means that the car numbered "6" moves to the point "G." There are other ways in forty-three moves.


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